Daily Delight: Thrifting Old Records

Every time I enter a thrift/antique store, I make a beeline to the records section. Most of my record collection is comprised of thrifted records of people/bands I’ve never heard of at the time of purchase. I learned this practice years ago at one of my favorite vintage stores EVER, Bad Granny’s. I spent many Saturday or Sunday afternoons shuffling through that dusty collection of records in various states of condition. Some of my most cherished finds were from there. If you live in Oklahoma and are ever in the City, check it out for me, okay? I literally think about that store about once a month for the past seven years I’ve lived in Colorado.

Since moving, I had to find good quality, magical thrift stores again. Most of my new haunts are less than good quality, but for me, that’s half of the fun. Devoting an hour or two to thrifting each weekend feeds my soul. There’s nothing like scanning sections where you’d think you might never find something you’d like, and boom, just like that, there is your new favorite dress or record.

I haven’t been record shopping in so long because our record player stopped working, thanks to a teething dog (looking at you, Rosie Posey). But this weekend, Malcolm miraculously fixed it. So naturally, my next step was to hit the thrift stores. I purchased the record above, if nothing more than to display that gorgeous album art. To my great surprise, Julie London’s voice is smooth and sultry. Her songs lift the energy of our entire house, including that of the animals. I like to listen to her when I’m cleaning, cooking, or playing games. What a magical find! (By the way, I also found four old glasses, but I couldn’t tell if they are plastic or glass. Once I get them cleaned up, I’ll share because they are perfect for us. And I also want to know if they are plastic or glass, hah!)

What are some of your favorite things to thrift?


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