Best Hair Growth Treatment I’ve Found

For those of us who need a lil’ extra help with hair growth, fullness, and texture, whether it be from genes, chemo, or even stress, it’s difficult to find products that actually do what they say they will. I have tried so. so. many, as has Malcolm. A few months back, Malcolm bought some for his hair and offered to let me try it. I use a little on my eyebrows and a lot on my head to encourage growth post-chemo, and it’s the best product that either of us have found. Annnnd there are good reviews from some people in the BIPOC community, so it’s not just for our white-ass textured hair.

He got it from Amazon, here, for $18. When my mom concluded her chemo recently, I sent her a bottle. She’s seeing great results too, though her hair is growing back white and gray, which she doesn’t love. It’s a common known fact in the cancer world that chemo sometimes makes hair grow back with different textures and colors than what a person had before chemo. I was so excited for my hair to grow back in a funky new way, but unfortunately, mine is growing back the exact same it was, only a little thicker. I attribute the thickness to this serum. But I won’t complain, at least I have hair now, thanks to this little bottle.

Some customers report issues using it because they don’t wash their hair every day, which completely makes sense. However, the directions read that it works best when applied to wet hair, not necessarily clean hair. I use it when my hair is dry or wet, and I still see the same results. I tried it on my eyelashes, and let me just tell you, do NOT try that at home, friends. Take it from my experience. Think stinging and swelling.

Is hair growth something you struggle with too?


P.S. This is not a paid add, I just really love this serum.


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