Photo Friday

It snowed about 7 inches last night, and it’s still coming down. We had a two day reprieve from the cold with spring-like temperatures and a plethora of sunshine which got me dreaming of spring and all of our fruit trees blossoming. These are apple blossoms from one of our three apple trees. They start out as the most gorgeous pink buds which you can see in the background of this photo. Wafts of the apple and cherry blossoms hit me like a floral wave as soon as I walk out the back door.

I cannot wait for apple blossoms, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms (hopefully!) lilac, iris, grapes, and whatever we plant for the season. I plan to purchase fruits and vegetable seeds this weekend to start indoors. Last year, we started a bit too late and it was catastrophic to most things we planted. Wish us luck for this year!

Happy Friday, y’all!



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