Photo Friday

Malcolm and I went to the sand dunes last week. We took the dogs and let Attie and Rosie run around the ever moving hills. Each step sank into the sand, welcoming our feet a little too kindly. Malcolm took some artsy photos for his album he’s working on.

I didn’t dress warm enough. I assumed sand dunes would be hot, but it was windy and cold. The sharp wind found every exposed part of skin. If you go in late February/ early March, I recommend wearing layers and something to cover your ears. The wind was least forgiving to my ears.

Attie liked the sand until he didn’t. Malcolm carried him the half mile back to the car because he was miserable. Rosie absolutely loved it, until she got cold.

Apparently at the right time of year, the ice melts on the nearby mountains and forms a creek called Medano creek. We came too early for that, sadly. We will be going again, for sure.

Such a magical, spontaneous trip.

Happy Friday!



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