Etsy Finds by Black Woman Owned Shops

Since the racial reckoning of last summer, I have been a lot more conscious as to where my dollars go. Now I try to research companies before I buy from them to ensure that I buy from owners from the BIPOC community, especially from Black women. I’ve found many Black businesses since then. Below is a round up of items by some of my favorite Black woman owned Etsy shops. Click on any of the photos of names of the businesses to be taken to the Etsy shop.

  1. Elle Brand – This rose quartz adjustable bracelet is gorgeous. I can see myself wearing it often as spring approaches with bright floral patterns.

2. Holistic Moon Goddess – “Punani Yoni Oil” for people with vulva. My wonderful friend from college, Jen, told me about this at our friend Breann’s wedding last year. She recommended this business and specifically this oil to me. She said it’s amazing. It’s unscented and made with natural ingredients. She swears by it. I can’t wait for my Biden monies to come in so I can finally try out this oil. She also said something about moon water, but I was two glasses of wine in, so it’s a lil’ fuzzy.

3. Salty and Lit – this chunky knit blanket looks so soft and perfect for when I’m chilly but too warm when I use a traditional blanket. It’s the priciest item on the list, but I have to remind myself to whom the funds will go. It’s worth it.

4. The Yogi Closet – soothing coconut cream, strawberry, and oats looks like the perfect assistant for a weekday wind-down glass of wine or tea.

5. Belles Apothecary – This quarantine gift box looks perfect for a pick-me-up gift for a friend or relative weary of the pandemic. So everyone you and I know? And you and me? Exactly. The box includes chamomile bath bombs, pomegranate and grapefruit bath bars, pomegranate sugar scrub, pomegranate body cream, bubble bath, a body brush, a loofah, a coloring book, 12 colored pencils, and a tube of bath tea. As I type that I’m now thinking this may be a good self-care gift too.

6. Noss Boss Creations – Vintage style boho chic is the description on Etsy for this item, which is my JAM. We have a perfect place for this on one of our bare walls.

7. Bellalees Place – this may be the most perfect incense holder for our aesthetic. Made with resin and copper flakes which I’ve never seen before. Love this!

8. Alijhae Arts – I cannot get over art that celebrates women’s bodies. This has been a thing for so long a friend bought a drawing for me in that genre from a local artist as a Christmas present. I also have that same friend’s painting of a body in vibrant colors that seem to move. This would be the piece that completes the trifecta of my collection.

9. Soul Tea Blends – Create your own tea blend which allows you to pick six herbs. You can also choose from eight designs for the label or you can do a custom label which costs just a bit more. How fun would this be for your team -tea family and friends?

What are your favorite BIPOC owned businesses?



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