Take This as a Sign

You know that thing you’ve been waiting to do because you don’t think anyone would be interested or because you’re afraid of failing? This, now, is your sign to do that thing. Write that book! Start that business! Take that class!

My fear of failure kept me from starting this blog for a few years. And then one day, I just did the damn thing. I created a blog, learned programming and cameras, and wrote my first blog entry. You’ve been thinking about that thing for years, I know you have. Stop thinking and just do! Go do the thing! Allow yourself to start from wherever you are. You want to be a Zumba instructor but have never been to Zumba? Sign up for a Zumba class. You have zero experience doing this thing, your heart’s desire? Make the decision, today, to finally dig in, fully committed.

Oh and tell me what it is in the comments below so I can support the hell out of you! Let me know if you need a pep talk because I am great at that 🙂



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