Health Update

Hi friends. I haven’t written about my medical status on here in a long while, mostly because I’ve been feeling great. However, about a month ago, I started having some pains in my abdomen that felt like ovarian cancer pain. Though I see my gynologic oncologist every three months, I gave them a call. I did blood tests and a CT scan which I’m sure I will be paying for for a few months *eye roll so hard*.

But the good news is my doctor gave me a clean bill of health! I did a tele-health visit with him last night. At the end of it, he told me to celebrate the good news, and I said, “Yes! I hope you celebrate too!” And then a sound came out of my mouth that made the moment even better. It went something like “ummhuhumhuhhuhummmm, well, ummmhmm.” What the actual fuck? That is my same reaction to when movie theater employees say, “Enjoy your show” and I inevitably say, “You too! Oh, ummmhmmmmum ummhmmhum.”

Hah! I’m very fortunate that my doctor and his staff like me cause, y’all, I can be so awkward. Still gon’ celebrate though 🙂

What are you celebrating today?



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