Currently Loving

Oh, hey! I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, so I’ve decided it’s time. This is a list of the things I’ve discovered within the last few weeks that I’m loving and/or interested in.

  1. Selena Montgomery’s romance novels. These were written by a familiar/famous person under this nom de plume in the 2000s. If you want to know who it is, click here. I absolutely love this person and did not know that about her writing these novels. She is a badass activist/politician, and I cannot wait to download these on Audible. You could also purchase her books on Amazon or your local book store. Image from

2. Ladyfingers Letterpress hand lettering free YouTube tutorials. Ladyfingers is one of my favorite local small businesses in Colorado Springs. They are queer/woman owned, support queer businesses and non-profits in Colorado, and their store is *chef’s kiss*. I love their ethics and boundaries that they set with their business vs. their personal lives. I constantly sing this business’ praises. They have hand lettered and pressed cards, stationery, etc. They also have fun gifts for everyone and they teach lettering classes which they have stopped since the pandemic. However, I recently found a few hand lettering videos that teaches their expertise fo’ free. Check it out here. Image borrowed from ladyfingers

3. Have you seen Deaf U on Netflix? It’s a documentary/reality tv series which follows students attending Gallaudet University, a university in DC that serves primarily deaf and hard of hearing students. It’s a great introduction to deaf culture, which most people I know really don’t now much about. I only know a bit because I’ve taken several ASL classes taught by native deaf people. It’s only one season, so it’s not a huge investment of your time.

4. Malcolm and I recently started mapping out our weeknight dinners. I used to “meal plan” years ago, which was a result of diet culture and ultimately was a detriment to my mental health. This feels more like creating a guide instead of a rigid eating schedule. It feels freeing and less chaotic to know what we’re going to be making that night, instead of us getting to 6 PM when we are both hangry and cranky complaining that we will have to do this every day for the rest of our lives. Looking at the week, instead of each individual night, has helped so much. I’m very much enjoying cooking meals when reframed like this. One huge benefit to concentrating on the entire week is I plan to make some baked good each week. This week it’s cheesecake from scratch. I found this recipe that I’d like to try. Wish me luck! Photo from

5. One of my favorite Black woman owned business is Grace of Melanin. It’s a shop consisting of “everything you need for head to toe” which includes handmade lotions, scented oils, face masks, etc. Click here to shop. Don’t forget, Mother’s day is this weekend. Click here to peruse and purchase. The Blossom in Harlem and Tobacco Vanilla body oils are my favorite. Malcolm “borrows” some of the oil nearly every day. It’s a great androgynous scent. Photo of the owner and operator from

What fun things have you discovered this week that you want to try or are currently loving?



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