Pride Playlist

If you don’t follow me on Instagram (@maegoeswestblog), you may not know about the Pride Playlist I’ve been posting since the beginning of June. These are songs by queer artists that express how I feel about Pride and being in the queer community.

I know a lot of Pride celebrations concluded this weekend, but my town celebrates Pride in early July. So more songs until then, no extra charge.

Here are the songs I’ve included so far:

1. Timebomb by WALKTHEMOON

2. Cameron by Jillette Johnson (she is not openly queer but the song is a love song of sorts for a boy named Cameron. It still makes me cry!)

3. Green Eyes by Arlo Parks

4. Pussy is God by King Princess

5. I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston

6. High Enough by K.Flay

7. Montero by Lil Nas X (because, duh)

8. I Want to Break Free by Queen

I have a detailed caption about my feelings on each of these songs I posted. I’ll spare you on this platform, but if you want more info, follow me on Instagram. There are more to come, so stay tuned!

The gist of my posts is: to my queer babes, you belong. You are a sweet baby angel with so much light to share with the world or to do with whatever you choose. You matter and you are enough. I love you and you will always belong here.

All my love,



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