About a week ago, Malcolm spotted a writing contest advertised on social media. After he sent the prompt to me, I immediately began forming ideas. I entered writing challenges as a child, but never won. It delighted me so I continued to do it and fantasized about writing as a profession. That is, until one of my college professors convinced me I was bad at writing.

This was a “Doomsday” challenge with a heart-shaped locket either mentioned or a central plot point. A day or so later, I published a story titled “The Last”. It’s only about 750 words, so it’s a shorter read. I just discovered that the more people that read my stories, the more I can earn from the website. A penny per read, essentially. Visitors can also tip $1 to creators, and you don’t have to create an account to read or pay. If you’re interested in reading my short stories, search my name, Maegan Brundage, here .

Currently, I have that story and another story about a trans boy named Jack, titled Meet Jack. That is for another contest as well called “Bedtime Stories”. I would love to turn it into a children’s book someday. I wrote it with Malcolm’s childhood experiences in mind, with him providing lots of feedback (Baby Malcolm is pictured above). I am not trans myself, so I could never fully understand. It’s important to me that queer people are represented in literature, especially children’s literature. Children are coming out younger and younger now, which is a sign that we are doing something right on some level. I am particularly interested in support children while they are figuring out who they are. They have their own stories inside them, and it’s our job to help them find that story. I’m hoping Meet Jack will do that.

These writing prompts have stretched my imagination muscle, and my brain is loving it. I never used to like writing prompts, but these are different than the ones in high school (i.e. “write a compare and contrast essay about Amelia Earhart and Harriet Quimby”). I mean, come ON! How boring is that? But write a doomsday novel about a utopian world? SIGN ME UP!

I’ll report back regarding if I win. I’m not expecting to any time soon, but these prizes are for thousands of dollars which makes it that much more exciting. They will be judged by two prolific British editors. Wish me luck!

What’s been sparking your imagination recently?


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