Daily Delight

I’ve written many a daily delight since I started the segment a couple years ago now (whaaat?!), but I don’t think I’ve ever written one about a movie. Colm and I watched this movie a day or so ago, and it was one of those that transports you back to being whatever age it was that you watched it, and delighted because it hit you in just the right spot of nostalgia. The movie might surprise you.

Tell me you’ve seen the 90s version of Romeo and Juliet! Okay, okay, hear me out. It is admittedly over dramatized and cheesy in parts. But there’s nothing like a 90s movie cheesy. Like Xena Warrior Princess, Disney’s Motocrossed, and, yes, even Men in Black, Romeo and Juliet was the zenith of cheesy 90s movie culture. And I fucking loved it. Then, and now too.

Me as a Teen

Watching it transported me back to my 9th grade English class reading Romeo and Juliet. After the hard work of getting through Shakespeare at a young age, my teacher wanted to reward us with watching the 90s movie. And it hit me, dead center in my feels. As a developmentally appropriate, self-obsessed teen, I imagined myself in the role of Juliet and my boyfriend in the role of our brave Romeo. Juliet was, after all, a year younger than I was at the time.

What a wild, confusing, and frightening age. What a wild, confusing, and frightening story. Now that I am no longer 14, I find myself letting the language whisk me away.

What movie or TV show makes you feel nostalgia like this?



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