On Learning Guitar as an Adult

Learning to play the guitar has honestly never interested me. I’ve played the flute since I was 10 and studied music for ten years after that. Because of the rigorous competition in music in North Texas, I got very burnt out on the flute and reading/playing music in general.

For the past decade since I moved away from intense musical study, I’ve been learning ASL, painting, ceramics, drawing, evidence based therapy modalities, etc. I hungrily consumed knowledge of all of the things I felt I missed out on because of my dedicated music practice. It sucked the joy out of me after I graduated high school, and if I’m honest, during high school too. How many things did I sacrifice because I wanted to be the best? Since I realized that, I haven’t looked back.

Until two weeks ago when I decided to get out Malcolm’s guitar that I’d been eyeing for years. I found a YouTube video and decided I healed enough that I was ready to dive back into the world of rhythm, practice, and whimsy.

When I’m learning to play the guitar, I can almost feel my brain forging connections that had once been lost. My brain is ravenous. Not only to learn, but to express — to create. Though I can only play one song written by Buffalo Springfield with two chords, I am enjoying the hell out of myself. Though my left finger tips are numb from pressing and strumming, my body is alive with electricity and possibility.

What’s lit you up with possibility lately?


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