Currently loving: Autumn Decor Essentials

As I’ve written many times previously (here, here, and here) autumn is basically my entire personality. October is my favorite month, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Usually I decorate for fall well before most people. Like I’m one of those people who decorates for Christmas November 1, but with fall. Malcolm and I’ve talked about doing a Halloween party, so I’m pacing myself a bit. Listed below are some items I’ve recently found that I’ve been drooling over. Enjoy!

  1. This Halloween themed garland would be perfect on a mantle or doorway. The witch’s hat is my favorite part and why I think this garland is unique.
  2. Some of these artificial berry stems (the “berries” are actually tiny pumpkins) with these artificial maple leaves would pair well together for an autumn arrangement.
  3. These vintage Halloween prints are amazing. I want them all!
  4. This bundle of teensy artificial pumpkins are the most gorgeous sage with gold stems. *Heart eyes*
  5. Ugh, I’ve been eyeing this Halloween tree for some time now. The little mushrooms are my favorite part.
  6. This doormat with the cutest ghosties and pumpkins with this buffalo black and white plaid mat underneath would be adorable.
  7. I love the idea of these twinkle lights with maple leaves. It seems like that would lend a lot of warmth to a space.
  8. And of course, this light pink pumpkin for indoor or outdoor.

What decorations are you putting out this fall?

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3 thoughts on “Currently loving: Autumn Decor Essentials

  1. Mary brundage

    I hope you enjoy your season. Would love to see your house decorated with your favorites. Take some pics and send them my way. Love you. G-Mom.

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