Halloween 2021

We had originally planned to do a Halloween party at our house, but my party planning creative energy was gurgled up by work. Instead, we did a bar crawl with some of our friends. I have never seen a bar crawl quite like this one in Colorado Springs. There were several hundred people participating which mean so, so many fun costumes to see but also HUGE lines to get into bars that can hardly pack their seats on normal weekends.

I found this dress at the ARC on a half-price Saturday thrifting adventure for under $5. I saw it and immediately thought of a Greek goddess. I bought a headband with antlers and a suspended butterfly on Etsy and used the makeup I already had to complete the look. I wore my grandmother’s fur shawl and some tights underneath for warmth. I also wore my comfy slippers for shoes. Which was a great idea until I realized we had to walk all over downtown CS to get to the various locations where free shots and drinks were offered.

True to Malcolm’s personality, he bought a walrus onesie online and traipsed around in that. We did not match at all, but I kind of ended up loving that. His tusks were an issue for his vision, but he liked that no one could really see his face. That is also true to his personality.

We played (and WON) some beer pong, which I haven’t played since college. I also haven’t done a themed bar crawl since college, hah! Malcolm definitely carried our team in the pong. We took shots with dry ice and rode the Veo scooters all over town after my feet and ankles started giving out.

My friend, Holly and I decided we are too old to walk miles to hunt down free shots, so we agreed to a house party next year. It was jolly good fun, but I’m looking forward to taking ten steps to get a drink.

What did you do for Halloween?



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