My Recurring Nightmare

I have a recurring dream that’s been happening since my early twenties. For some context, I really started traveling in my late-teens and twenties to all sorts of places. I solo traveled to places like Chicago, Seattle, and Vancouver BC, to name a few of my favorites. I discovered when traveling solo, I have a lot of anxiety around missing my train or flight or getting stuck in another country when I’ve lost my passport. Even while typing that, my throat started to close with anxiety, hah!

Fast forward to my thirties, and I still have a recurring dream about showing up at the gate for my flight without my passport. There have been many different versions of this in airports and train stations all over the world. I even have one that takes place on a boat dock in Thailand. Many different settings, the same ending. My mode of transportation leaves without me because I left my passport at home or I realize someone stole it. The conclusion of this dream sends me into an anxiety attack and wakes me every single time. I fight the urge to check and double check that my passport is in its correct place. I once had these dreams so frequently, I entertained the idea of sleeping with my passport on my bedside table to avoid me going to check.

Rationally, I know I would head to the American Embassy in whatever country I’m touring. Logically, I know everything will be okay if that were to happen. But for some reason subconsciously, that is one of my worst travel fears.

What trepidations do you have when you’re traveling?



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