Health Update

Being almost three years out after cancer treatment and surgery, writing an update on my health feels weird. Like who wants to read about my health now that I am cancer-free? As you may already know, the more times a person has cancer, the more likely they are to have it recur, which is what mine did in 2019 after first being diagnosed in 2015. This thought lives in my mind rent-free and it reminds me of its presence every single day.

I am so happy to report that my blood tests and exams look really normal. I still go to the doctor every three months. I still get a CT scan every time I feel pain because it scares the living hell out of me. The last time I got one was about six months ago, and it showed I’m still cancer free. Great news, but hard to hold onto for long. I go through this every three months. I still have my port in under my left shoulder on my chest. Though I haven’t written or talked about it recently, at least publicly, I think about it every single day. On the good days, it’s just one time.

My therapist diagnosed with me with collective PTSD from that time and from various other events in my life. We are working through those traumas with EMDR. I’m looking forward to not thinking about cancer every day once I process through those memories. I am looking forward to actually, finally moving on.

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