Cheap Tricks: How to Gift Wrap with Thrifted Materials

I have written a few times about saving on gift wrap. This year, I’m challenging myself to wrap my holiday presents using nothing but materials from a thrift store.

Tins, cigar boxes, or any vintage container adds a personal touch without having to buy boxes or bags from a big store for full price. There are so many boxes and bags in the world already in existence, so this helps reduce that carbon footprint just a bit. The ribbon isn’t new, but it’s perfectly good to use. Note that if you get ribbon with glitter, that shit will be all over your house. Like… forever. I even found some Scotch Tape at my local Goodwill for $.50. I recommend wiping all your items with an antibacterial wipe to rid it of the weird layer of dust covering most thrift store goods.

I have shared before that I use newspaper as tissue paper when wrapping. I use it two wrap and then stuff the gift in a tin or box, and I’ll even use it to pop out of a gift bag that someone gave me the season before. If you’re worried about the newspaper unraveling or shifting, one small piece of tape on the seam will help.

What’s your favorite way to save on gift wrap?



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