Daily Delight: Trying New Things

While I was with my family this past week, I ate many old favorites that my grandmother has been cooking every year since I was a kid. That in itself brought me so much delight. My grandmother’s pies, dressing, mashed turnips, sweet potatoes, and gravy are like no others. I can’t recreate them, though I’ve tried.

My Aunt Insun was celebrating with us this year, and she brought us some fresh persimmons. She told us stories of growing up in Korea and how these fruits are native to Korea. They’ve got a tough-ish outside skin with soft, very sweet fruit inside. My grandmother peeled hers but my aunt ate it with the skin on, which is how I ate it. Apparently, that’s where the nutrients are packed. They’re delicious and I highly recommend them!

It was a delight to eat old favorites and to try something completely new from my aunt’s culture and childhood.

What was the last new food that you tried?



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