Daily Delight: Our Mug Collection

Since Malcolm and I moved in together, we have collected a mass amount of unique coffee cups. Every time we go to the thrift store, we first gravitate towards the dishes to scope out the mug selection. If there is one we find that is cheeky, kitschy, or looks like something you’d find in your grandmother’s home, we purchase it. We like varying sizes, shapes, and colors. The only issue with that is we are running out of room.

Malcolm built this coffee mug display because we ran out of room in our cabinets (we have very little storage in our current house), and now we are running out of room in the cupboard again. We donated some that we don’t really use because they are impractical, ones we just look at, or the ones we keep in the back corner of our cupboard. We now have a little space, however, the holidays are coming. When family and friends know we have a mug collection, that’s what they buy for us. So we are expecting a few more this holiday season which is so exciting — we just have to make room for it.

Coffee mugs are especially important to us as a family because Malcolm gave me a coffee mug that reads “Let the adventure begin” when he proposed to me. It lives on our display in the middle right where we can see it. That mug always makes me smile and remember how Colm could barely speak as he was proposing. I was so caught off guard I thought something bad happened. When he finally got it out, I said yes!

And the rest is history documented via coffee mugs.

What’s your favorite coffee mug? Thanks for reading!



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