Cheap Tricks: Holiday Greenery

I am usually very frugal. I put a lot of energy towards finding the best bargain or deal because the thrill of the sale is real. This trick has been thrilling and unexpected. And free!

A wild windstorm tore through Colorado Springs a few days ago. 90 – 100 mile an hour winds we reported in parts of the city. Trees fell onto cars, busy roads, into windows, etc. There was a lot of damage to all our trees in town. Big chunks of branches littered the streets. Damage to trees is always sad for me because there’s ancient Indigenous wisdom that tells us trees can feel. After caring for so many plants, shrubs, your general foliage, and trees for years, I believe it too.

As I positioned my car on the street to avoid as many trees and telephone poles as possible during the windstorm, I spotted a huge segment of a pine tree branch. Instead of letting it rot there with no purpose, or end up being dragged under a car, I hauled it inside.

I gave it a few good shakes before I brought it inside to release the bits of debris and loose pine needles. Then I snipped smaller segments from the larger branch. I adorned our mantle with some, and it cozies up the whole aesthetic. It’s cheerful, it smells woodsy, and I just love it.

That ignited my creative juices. I snipped little bits of branch and put them in jars, pitchers, and even candle stick holders. The trick there is to chop up pieces about two inches long so you don’t have to contend with keeping the branch straight.

I’m shopping for last minute gifts this weekend, and I plan to use some sprigs in my wrapping to make them even more festive. And the best part about it is I’m using something that otherwise would have remained stationary in the street, broken and unused.

If you can’t find a recently broken branch, you could snip off small segments of your nearest pine tree. Make sure you only take what you need if you are using this method. And if you can, spread it out over many trees so you won’t hurt them.

Thanks for reading!



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