Photo Friday

For the Labor Day holiday here in America in early September, my parents visited me in Colorado Springs. My dad, a fellow photographer always in search of the perfect angle, and I drove to some of my favorite, most scenic spots around town and in the mountains. We took them to Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, and we went to Cripple Creek for a day. This is a photo that I love, love, love. It is our true, authentic selves, Malcolm with his coffee, me with my DSLR around my neck in the city where we moved in together with Garden of the Gods at our back. Yellow hats, yellow camera strap.

This place is one of my favorite places to bring people to get a good look at the garden as well as the Rockies in the background. Isn’t it dreamy? And yes, that is my favorite mustard hat 🙂 I still can’t believe we live ten minutes from such a radiant, dazzling place.

Happy Friday!



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