Tradescantia: The Plant with an Anti-Semitic Colloquial Name

A few weeks ago, Colm and I found the cutest local shop, Local Eclectic, that sold beautiful baby plants at ridiculously low prices. It was a pick your plant, pick your planter kind of situation. There was a gorgeous pink sprout of a plant that I had to purchase. We love pink in the Brundage-Durham household, so it felt like a no brainer. Especially in a small matching pink pot. Duh!

I got it home, replanted it yesterday (not in the pink planter because I decided it was too small for this growing cutie), and tried to find the name and care instructions for the plant.

After Googling “pink house plant”, I honed in on the species. It’s called “tradescantia”, it needs a moderate amount of water but likes to dry out before another good soak. It grows quickly and likes bright, indirect light. It’s also called “Wandering Jew” colloquially, which surprised me. Even in plants there’s anti-semitism.

I then read several blog posts on how to ditch this hateful term. There’s a group of people who want to rename it “Wandering Dude”, but I am not in that camp. I will call it by its scientific name until we give it a better, non-pejorative name. I only dole out names when I am sure the plant will survive the transport to a new pot. It’s looking good so far, but I’ll report back.

What should I name her? I was thinking Edie or Constance/Connie but am open to other suggestions.

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Tradescantia: The Plant with an Anti-Semitic Colloquial Name

  1. Mary brundage

    Yes, my little sweetie , that is the name of the plant. It will grow to be a full beautiful plant. It will break easily if crowded. You will love it.

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