Vintage Pyrex Lead Test Round Two

A couple weeks ago, I posted the results of my lead tests on my vintage Pyrex. I noted in that post that I used about 20 of the swab tests but was unable to use all 30 because I dropped the remaining Q-tips into a full sink. I also noted that the color gradient measuring the amount of lead was a continuum and that the colors were never just one shade. One came back mostly mustard yellow with a splash of pink, so does that mean it was kinda lead-ish? It’s frustratingly hard to tell.

That test did not satisfy my curiosity, so I have ordered the 3M lead test which has only two colors, white or red. If it turns red, there’s lead. Simple enough, it seems. They should be arriving in a few days. I cannot wait to test again to see if I get similar results. I’ll post the second round results early next week (and this time I will input the correct year so you won’t have to wait). I am so invested in this quandry!

What questions or feedback do you have about my methods, tests or results?


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