My Calm App

A few years ago when the pandemic started, I, like most of the world, struggled with my mental health. I found myself ruminating, thoughts on an endless loop. I couldn’t sleep for more than a few hours at a time, I didn’t want to work, all I wanted to do was sit in bed and wallow.

Not sleeping was not new to me in the pandemic. Since I was a young kid, I struggled with sleeping through the night. I am a very light sleeper. Worries, fears, nightmares woke me almost every night. This persisted into my adulthood, and I still struggle with it even today. I have tried EVERYTHING; melatonin, no phone or tv before bed, calming tea, warm milk, marijuana, meditations on YouTube, even reading the Colorado Children’s Code by book light (which is a 400 something page document that is boring as HAY-ELL). Still my symptoms persisted. Then I found the Calm app. This app gives you access to daily meditations, tranquil soundscapes of all kinds, low-key music, and my personal favorite, sleep stories. There is a cost associated with it which is why I hadn’t downloaded it before. But I’m here to tell you it is worth the price.

The only, and I mean THE only, thing that consistently helps me drift back into slumber is the Calm app’s sleep stories. There is a very large collection of sleep stories. The first story I tried featured Matthew McConaughey’s dreamy, lilt in a tale about a train. I fell back asleep within five minutes! Some of my other favorites are: A Dia de Muertos Story, The Old Antique Shoppe, The Bookshop, and the Heart of Dublin. I also listen to soundscapes to lull me back to sleep. The alpine mountain, rain on leaves, and thunderstorm are my go-tos. They have masterclasses from authors like Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) on so many topics. There is something for everyone.

What’s your favorite way to fall asleep?


P.S. This reads like an ad, but it is not. I truly love this app and how it positively affects my overall mental health.


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