The Most Refreshing Thing I’ve Done in Weeks

The last two weeks at work have been a doozy! Woof. I was emotionally and physically worn out, and I desperately needed time to myself to recharge.

So when I had the opportunity to take a few hours off work, I got in my car and spontaneously decided I would go for a drive. I needed mountains and sky. I needed to get so far away from people I couldn’t hear anything but the wind in the trees and my own breath. I headed west and didn’t stop driving until I felt like I could breathe again.

I ended up at a reservoir I’ve never heard of before, the Cheesman Reservoir. To get there, I drove up and down mountain roads, switchbacks, and scenic routes. It felt so refreshing and freeing. I spent time outside of my car basking in the sunshine, golden warmth on my skin. I got my moment of pure stillness.

It was the best form of grounding I could do for myself. I’m proud of myself for taking time to do what my body and soul tell me.

What was the last refreshing moment you had? Is it time to do some rejuvenating?



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