Daily Delight: Fresh Flowers That Would’ve Been Trashed

This is one of my favorite times of the year because so many flowers are in full bloom in Colorado Springs. Each year I tell myself I’m going to cut some of the flowers and make a bouquet, but each year, I find myself not wanting to take away from our plants (except dandelion blossoms for fritters). This year is no exception. So when I attended a bridal shower and won the fresh flower centerpiece, I felt so delighted. We played a version of hot potato with a bouquet of fresh flowers, and I won, so I ended up with those too, though they are bent and damaged. Someone said they planned to throw them away, so I asked if I could keep them.

Now both of the bouquets brighten up our living room with a fresh, floral feel. The colors are muted greens, whites, and blues, so they fit perfectly in the living room. Seeing them every day makes me so happy.

What’s delighted you lately?



3 thoughts on “Daily Delight: Fresh Flowers That Would’ve Been Trashed

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