Weekend Day Trip

Last weekend, Malcolm and I rented a little fishing boat on Lake George. It only takes about an hour to get there from Colorado Springs. This is where we experienced our first fishing minus a practiced expert. No one put the worms on my hook, or cleaned the fish, so I decided fishing is not for me. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy cruising around a dazzling lake and exploring. Malcolm doesn’t like hurting the worms or the fish either, so we left our poles at home this time. We craved a little adventure while our friends were on their cutie honeymoon in Mexico, so to Lake George we went.

The day was glorious. I felt nervous because the reviews about one marina staff member. We arrived a teensy bit late (read: a full 30 minutes late thanks to me. Sorry, Colm!), but I sweet talked them into letting us have our full hour. One went out of their way to get me a seat cushion. They seemed very kind. We rented it for four hours which was the perfect amount of time. One hour to get used to being on the water, two hours boating up and down the lake, and one hour sitting and enjoying the sun, clouds, and the rain. We had a great day!

Next time, we will explore another lake because we couldn’t swim in Lake George. That’s half the fun for me. Despite that, this was delightful.

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