The Shrunken Head Tiki

My new favorite bar in Colorado Springs is a lil Tiki underground oasis. Located on Tejon downtown, you’ll spot the sign before you know you’ve found the place. You won’t see a typical store front because it’s located down a set of stairs which feels more magical and speakeasy-esque.

When I walked in, my mouth dropped. It’s a bar with elevated tiki decorations that I usually associate with dollar store summer items, but that’s not the feel of this space. A waterfall tumbles into a large basin at the front. They keep the lights very low so their tropical decorations and signs pop. They have themed drinks with not-your-every-day ingredients found in Colorado like passionfruit, lychee, and dragon berry. And y’all the drink are slamming. I don’t think they serve food, or at least they didn’t when I was there a few weeks ago.

There’s a section with swinging seats affixed to the ceiling centered around a giant Lite Brite table with dried blowfish encapsulating some of the lights above. I sat there next to the gorgeous renditions of genetailia in action. My cousin, who like her mother, has the dirtiest mind. When she arrived, she said “Did you make the penis just for me?” I told her that happily, it was there when I arrived, which is why I chose it.

I recommend getting there earlier on in the night as it filled up very quickly. It seemed like most of the patrons after 9 were bar hopping, so the long line out the door continued to move. There are drinks on the menu that have a cap per person, so you may want to take note of that.

It’s a joyous little place billed on their website as a “liquid luau”. I highly recommend if you’re a local or visiting and need a dose of tropical.

(Side note: this does feel like cultural appropriation. I’m not sure who owns the bar, so I can’t say for sure. I’ll report back if I hear anything.)



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