Air Fryer Fried Ravioli

This year for Christmas, I bought myself an air fryer. I liked it so much that I sent it to my mom and grandma, though I wish I would have paid the extra like $15 for the one with a touch screen. This model has a dial that you turn which doesn’t always feel exact. One of my favorite things to make in it is fried ravioli. There are several recipes for this, like this one and this one. But I had to modify mine slightly as mine came out just a li’l too crisp the first few times I made it.

The trick is to preheat your air fryer. It creates the best crunchy breading. I usually preheat mine on the degree I’m cooking with for 10 minutes prior to me adding them. Oh, and stick to one layer as much as possible. I once put a whole bag of fries in which came out horribly (some were burnt, others were barely unfrozen). In my defense, the photo on Amazon depicts the air fryer drawer pulled out with cooked fries almost spilling over the top. It’s just for looks, people.

Here’s what’s worked for me:
1. Preheat fryer on 375 for 10 minutes
2. Add ravioli to the basket of the fryer – but only in one or two layers.
3. Cook for 13 minutes, and voila! Crispity-crunchity ravioli.

I put it on salads but also eat it by itself dipped in marinara sauce. Perrfeto!

What are you frying up lately?



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