From the Cheap Tricks Archive: DIY Dry Shampoo that Smells Like Mint Chocolate Chip

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a three ingredient recipe for dry shampoo that I could make at home. I have very fine hair and not a lot of it, so when there’s a teensy amount of grease, my head looks as if I haven’t showered for quite some time. Then I found dry shampoo in a can that smelled like coconut. But I quickly grew tired of shelling out lots of money for the quality dry shampoos, and the waste created was a concern.

After a quick search on the interwebs, I found a recipe for dry shampoo that beats all the products I bought in the store for much more moolah. One of the best parts is that it smells like cocoa. Whenever I get a bit sweaty or get a bit of rain on my hair, it seems to activate the aroma of the cocoa — so romantic. Who doesn’t want wafts of cocoa all day? The total expense of this was $5.51 for the ingredients and I have made tons of this stuff. It’s ridiculously cost effective.


  1. Corn starch – $1.72 before tax -1/2 cup
  2. Cocoa – $3.79 before tax – 1 cup
  3. Essential oil, Spearmint – (I already had several essential oils laying around, so this ingredient didn’t cost anything for me. I love using Pachouli oil as well here.) 20 drops

To make, you’ll just mix the corn starch and cocoa. Add the essential oil droplets last. You can choose any oil that you love. I’ve made batches with grapefruit, lavender, ylang ylang, cedarwood (this one helps with hair growth), and rose. You can even leave off the oil. I have made several great batches sans oil and it was just as effective. You can make any amount that makes sense to you.

If you have lighter hair, use more corn starch to make a lighter batch. I have dark hair, and the cocoa lightens it slightly. It also makes it look SO.MUCH. THICKER. Which is great for thin-haired people like myself. I love the color that results, but if you’re not into that, alter the portions to work with your color.

To use, sprinkle a small amount of powder on your hairline and part. The back of my head always needs a little help, so I sprinkle the most there. I then comb it through my hair with my fingers and spray a little hair spray to set the nicely tousled look. Don’t forget to wipe away any of the mixture remnants that may linger on your forehead, near ears, and on your neck. Use any kind of fabric, I use a towel, to dust off, and it works like a charm; however, do not use water. It makes it gummy and stick.

I’d love to know if you make it!



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