Fit Inspo: Donna from That 70’s Show Goes to the Hamptons

When I first started reading blogs in college, I leaned heavily into fashion posts for inspiration. A friend called me a “fashionista” once, and I thought that obviously meant my steez was on point enough to launch a fashion blog of my own. Daily outfit inspo (a board I had on Pinterest when it was a beta program and you had to be invited to use it, hah!) motivated me to polish up. A decade later, I usually don’t give a shit about fashion most days. I buy what I like and what’s comfortable from mostly Target, Amazon, and the thrift store. I splash on some lipstick every now and then. I curl my hair once every two weeks, maybe less. But every now and then, I put together an ensemble and think, “Fashionista was right!” 🙂 This was one of those days.

True to form, the clothes are mostly from Target. { shirt . similar pants . Ebay similar shoes . similar glasses . pearl choker (30% off sale!) . old J Bloom heart necklace . thrifted gold floral bangle . lippie color }

What’s been inspiring your looks lately?



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