Cheap (‘Fit Inspo) Tricks: Rich White Lady Goes to Mexico

While I shopped around high fashion blogs for ‘fit inspo earlier this morning, I opined to my husband that there is no way I can afford some things on those blogs. I said I could put together these outfits for $30 easily, and my brilliant husband challenged me to do just that. The idea consumed and inflated me so much that I immediately set out for the thrift store. And y’all, the results were even better than I ever imagined.

The Inspo:

This is the incomparable Emily Schuman from her fashion/baking blog, cupcakes & cashmere when she and her family visited Mexico recently. She lists links for each of the pieces, so I know exactly how much this outfit costs with all the accessories. Wait for it. Keep waiting for it. $1,089.99 before tax.

Most of that is dedicated to the bag, ringing in at $650. Anyone else gasping? Maybe just the social worker in the room *me* She is a wildly successful small business owner, so more power to her! I have the most respect for her. I’ve been a reader since 2012. I am not there yet, however. The breakdown:

Sunnies: Urban Outfitters – $19
Top: Doen – $178
Shorts: H&M – $24.99
Sandals: J Crew – $118
Bag: Celesta – $650
Total: 1, 089.99 before tax

The ‘Fit:

Now, my outfit that I bought in about 20 minutes at a random Goodwill I found in a parking lot I was in for my other appointment (weird flex? Perhaps, but time is money, people, hah!). I almost bought a different top that had long sleeves and felt more similar, but I liked this one much better, especially for rewearing in the future. I’ve not seen a top quite like this, so this was the one. I’m glad I chose it because I can’t wait to wear it again! The breakdown:

Sunnies: Target, old from the $3 spot
Top: A New Day – $4.99
Shorts: Faded Glory – $3.50
Sandals: Universal Thread – $6.99
Bag: $9.99
Donation to Goodwill: $.44 round up (Is this one gratuitous? Yes. Self-serving? Yes. But also, I saved so much I felt comfortable donating. I generally don’t donate to Goodwill because I worked at a non-profit who worked closely with them, and I saw the flaws. In case you wondered 🙂 )
Total: $28.00 after tax and donation

Total Savings: $1, 061.99

Y’all, I was so proud of myself, like I won a contest. Look at that face ^. I felt like hot shit for sure.

And then the universe, the great equalizer, brought me immediately back down to earth. I sharted in my new shorts before I could take them off. Upside, it was after I took the photos? You’re welcome.



4 thoughts on “Cheap (‘Fit Inspo) Tricks: Rich White Lady Goes to Mexico

  1. Mary brundage

    You did a great job matching the outfit. I too love the shirt. It is different and will be nice to wear this summer.

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