My Favorite Way to Listen to Records

Speaking of records, I am like a kid with our records and record player. I love to watch the record revolve up close. Like my-mother -might-tell-me-to-back up-or- it’ll – damage-my-eyes close.

For record store day, Malcolm brought home Hippocampus’ album Bambi, and I was thrilled. I held the album cover, read the lyrics from the back, and sang/yelled every word. Isn’t my husband just so lucky to have a wife like me? Hah!

My second favorite way to listen to records is while cleaning or when we entertain. It’s a vibe, y’all. I know not everyone is a record person. They aren’t the easiest way to enjoy music these days, but I think it’s worth it: slipping out the plastic, careful to not touch the grooves; open the lid of the record player; set the record in the player with as much care as a parent tucking in their child; lift the needle and put it down just so on the outside most groove. Bonus if it’s an old record with a scratchy sound – ugh, I just love that!

Are you a records person?



3 thoughts on “My Favorite Way to Listen to Records

  1. I never had a record player, it looks cool but I was a nomad on my younger years so portability is the most important feature for me. My favourite music player I love the most was my ipod classic, the one with the wheel. It is broken now, and they’re no longer making ipods the way they did.
    Anyway… your record player is so pretty. I mean many record players are pretty, but yours is also cute 😀 x

    1. Thank you! My mom bought it for us. It also plays tapes, CDs, and the radio. I had a cheap, potable one in college but lost it in a breakup.

      I loved my iPod. Mine was the shuffle. I remember being confused as to how I got the music in the tiny box, hah. Thanks for reading, friend!

      1. OMG tapes! I remember calling to the local radio station, and request for a song, and then record it into a tape. And listen to it on a walkman!! Your record/tape/cd/radio player is so cool!!
        And thank you for writing 🙂 xx

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