Daily Delight: My Favorite Flavors of Sparkling Water

For those of you who know me IRL, you know that I drink an obscene amount of La Croix. I was introduced to sparkling water by a former boss of mine years ago. We went on a work trip together, and she HAD to stop to get some generic brand sparkling water from the grocery store before we arrived at our hotel. I was puzzled and curious. She let me try one, and I thought, I will never ever drink that shit again. HAH never say never, no? 🙂

I tried many brands and flavors of sparkling and mineral water. Honorable mentions include Bubly’s strawberry (and their Bounce flavor is great and caffeinated. I love these for when I get sick of coffee in the warmer months), Topo Chico mineral water (try the Topo Chico ranch waters sold in cans which consists of Topo Chico, tequila, and lime juice), San Peligrino’s mineral water, all the Kroger brand name flavors (orange, lemon-lime, and now they have blackberry – yum!), Waterloo cherry limeade, and Perrier peach. But my all time favorite: La Croix.

Y’all. La Croix gets so much money from me every month. We buy three packs every week or two. My husband slowly warmed up to it, and now he has his favorite flavors, that I don’t personally love (Guava, Hi-Biscus, Beach Plum, Black Razzberry). I’m still working on my family who are ride or die soda drinkers. My cousin graciously tried one after I bullied her into it, and she HATED it. She even put some sugar in it, and still hated it. So to each their own, ya know?

Without further ado, my favorite La Croix flavors, in order: LimonCello, passion fruit, watermelon, and grapefruit (pamplemousse is the flavor name b/c they’re fancy and French). I drink these like water, y’all. It’s an expensive habit, but my body loves it so much more than all day coffee/caffeine, all day soda, or all day straight up water (EWWWWW 🙂 ). My favorite for years has been passion fruit, but I recently tried LimonCello on a whim, and boy howdy. I could drink at least three of them a day. I usually don’t love pure lemon things, but this, my friends, tastes like lemon meringue. It’s so good! I use it in a lot of mixed drinks as well.

Do you like sparkling water? What’s your favorite kind — I’d love to discover more!



3 thoughts on “Daily Delight: My Favorite Flavors of Sparkling Water

  1. I have never seen the brand La Croix before. I do like sparkling water, but I am not too keen on the flavoured ones.
    I’ve only tried Volvix (flavoured), Voss (plain) and Smart (plain). I think I have tried San Pellegrino as well, but I do not remember what flavour or whether I liked it or not (those times when you went out with friends and just pick random drinks and not think too much about it).
    However, because I prefer plain sparking water, brand names generally don’t make much of a difference for me xx

    1. Ooh some days I love a plain sparkling or mineral water. I have only heard of the Smart brand but but the others. Can I ask where you’re from? So interesting! Thanks for reading, friend!

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