Ordering in a Panic

Confession: when trying a new restaurant or when on a working lunch or dinner, I will often become overwhelmed with the food options and ignore the menu. Inevitably, the wait person will arrive to take my order after I ask for a "couple minutes" and I panic HARD. Like knees-weak-palms-sweaty-mom-spaghetti panic, ya know? I often …

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Do or Don’t? :Thoughts on Touristy Spots

I've given a lot of thought to whether or not it's worth my precious travel time to see the touristy spots and take pictures of the monuments, restaurants, movie scenes, buildings, etc. When I first started traveling, visiting tourist destinations was the only way I knew how to travel. And the only real reason anyone …

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On Using Your Intuition When Traveling

One of my favorite ways to explore a city is to wander. When I come to a street corner, I let my intuition guide me. Right, left, straight? I have stumbled upon wonderful adventures using this method. Some people, like my dad, memorize maps of the city to which they are traveling before they ever …

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