Fall Bucket List

Every year, I try to soak up as much fall as I can which starts with brushing off the old decorations. For a few seasons now, I've made bucket lists for autumn so I can experience it while it's here. Sometimes the season comes and goes so quickly, I feel like I wasted it. A …

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Cheap Tricks: Holiday Greenery

I am usually very frugal. I put a lot of energy towards finding the best bargain or deal because the thrill of the sale is real. This trick has been thrilling and unexpected. And free! A wild windstorm tore through Colorado Springs a few days ago. 90 - 100 mile an hour winds we reported …

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Cheap Tricks: How to Gift Wrap with Thrifted Materials

I have written a few times about saving on gift wrap. This year, I’m challenging myself to wrap my holiday presents using nothing but materials from a thrift store. Tins, cigar boxes, or any vintage container adds a personal touch without having to buy boxes or bags from a big store for full price. There …

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