One of My Best Vintage Finds

A few months ago Malcolm and I took a trip to Cortez, Colorado. Besides seeing the sights, I was the most excited about the possibility of thrifting. Thrifting is often at its best (and worst, honestly) in small town America. Treasures from old farm houses often yield an interesting haul, and I was excited to …

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Currently loving: Autumn Decor Essentials

As I've written many times previously (here, here, and here) autumn is basically my entire personality. October is my favorite month, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Usually I decorate for fall well before most people. Like I'm one of those people who decorates for Christmas November 1, but with fall. Malcolm and I've talked about …

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Etsy Finds by Black Woman Owned Shops

Since the racial reckoning of last summer, I have been a lot more conscious as to where my dollars go. Now I try to research companies before I buy from them to ensure that I buy from owners from the BIPOC community, especially from Black women. I've found many Black businesses since then. Below is …

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