Since our Rosie died in December, we discussed if/when we'd want another dog. Part of me wanted to run out the day after she died to replace the black hole of sudden loneliness, but I knew my knee-jerk reaction was strong. We agreed that we would only get another dog when the thought of a …

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Learning to Organize in my 30s

Since I watched several cleaning inspiration videos recently, I purchased tools that I learned about in the vids. I bought some of those Home Edit clear plastic modular organizing systems for different projects that have plagued me for years. Organization is new to me. I didn't even know what organized meant until a couple years …

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Why We Should Ditch the Term “Lame Duck”

Hello friend! As Malcolm, my husband (!!!), and I watched Meet the Press on our weekly Sunday morning date, something occurred to me that I've never noticed before -- which is a huge privilege that I haven't had to think about it. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Todd discussed the post mid-term "lame duck" session …

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