Currently on an Adventure

Currently Malcolm and I are exploring southern Colorado. He goes to Cortez, CO every now and then for work, and this time I tagged along. The drive down was absolutely gorgeous. Around each bend of the road (Just around the River Bend has never been a more relevant song), a new, even more picturesque view …

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Photo Friday

Last week, Malcolm and I took a road trip to Ouray with his mother. We traveled on the Million Dollar Highway, which with inflation, should be the Trillion Dollar Highway. The aspens burned yellow, ochre, deep red against the surrounding evergreens. I highly recommend a jaunt down the highway in mid-September which is the peak …

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5 Best Audiobooks to Download for Your Holiday Travel

If you have to travel home for the holidays, you know just how played out your playlists can get after 7 hours on the road. To switch up my tired routine, one of my favorite things to do on a road trip or during the whole airport experience is listen to an audio book. Here …

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