Four Days in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Some of our dear friends got married last July in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It was my first destination wedding, and it was phenomenal. We flew out on a Thursday afternoon and returned on Sunday afternoon which felt like the perfect amount of time. I visited Eureka Springs a couple times when I lived in Oklahoma. …

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6 Audiobook Downloads for Holiday Travel

I am doing a very long drive over the Thanksgiving holiday and need something besides music to keep me entertained. Enter audio books from Audible. Audible is an app that allows the user to download books for a monthly fee. I listen to novels while on walks, doing dishes, folding laundry, and even on my …

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Currently on an Adventure

Currently Malcolm and I are exploring southern Colorado. He goes to Cortez, CO every now and then for work, and this time I tagged along. The drive down was absolutely gorgeous. Around each bend of the road (Just around the River Bend has never been a more relevant song), a new, even more picturesque view …

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