Work of the Week: Circumlocution

noun. The use of an unnecessarily large amount of words to convey an ideaEvasion in speech ex: Politicians use circumlocution to avoid answering direct, possibly contentious questions. fun fact: circumlocution literally means "roundabout speech".

Etsy Finds by Black Woman Owned Shops

Since the racial reckoning of last summer, I have been a lot more conscious as to where my dollars go. Now I try to research companies before I buy from them to ensure that I buy from owners from the BIPOC community, especially from Black women. I've found many Black businesses since then. Below is …

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From the Archives: Quarantine Eats

*I posted this a little more than a year ago during a productive quarantine phase. * Here are some photos of things I’ve been making lately in quarantine in no particular order, recipe included: Instant Pot deviled eggs recipe No recipe to for the cherry pie. I used the directions on the back of the …

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