Daily Delight: Gifted Homemade Vanilla

One of the huge perks of working with astounding volunteers is they often bring wonderful gifts with them when stopping by to talk about a case. Last Friday, an advocate showed up with a freshly baked blueberry muffin and homemade vanilla that had been stewing for a year and a half. Because she is a …

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Daily Delights: Interweb Finds

Bought this print but I can't decide if I want it in my house or my office. Probably office so I can look at it 40 hours a week. It's a download, so be prepared to print.I'm thinking about buying this sunshine wood round on Etsy. I almost can't resist.Just purchased this adorable retro inspired …

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Daily Delight: Picking Blackberries

When Malcolm and I moved into our current house, we inherited many fruit trees, bushes, foliage, etc. (which I wrote about here and here). One of our latest bloomers, the blackberry bush, is finally coming to fruition. It's had several red berries that look like raspberries until you get closer. As the summer is melting …

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