Photo Friday

It snowed about 7 inches last night, and it's still coming down. We had a two day reprieve from the cold with spring-like temperatures and a plethora of sunshine which got me dreaming of spring and all of our fruit trees blossoming. These are apple blossoms from one of our three apple trees. They start …

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Daily Delight: The Ritual of Plant Watering

There's something about the nightly ritual of filling up a large container to the brim with water and nourishment for my plant babies. Then carting it around the house, filling the pots with one hand and picking off browning parts of the plant with the other hand. After I finish watering the potted plants, I …

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Daily Delight: Picking Blackberries

When Malcolm and I moved into our current house, we inherited many fruit trees, bushes, foliage, etc. (which I wrote about here and here). One of our latest bloomers, the blackberry bush, is finally coming to fruition. It's had several red berries that look like raspberries until you get closer. As the summer is melting …

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