Halloween 2021

We had originally planned to do a Halloween party at our house, but my party planning creative energy was gurgled up by work. Instead, we did a bar crawl with some of our friends. I have never seen a bar crawl quite like this one in Colorado Springs. There were several hundred people participating which …

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My Favorite Simple Autumnal Beverage – Only 4 Ingredients!

For years, I've been making this cocktail that's perfect for fall. I believe I found it on a blog and I can't remember which one (sorry to the blogger who created this recipe! I'm happy to give a shoutout if you're reading this.) Since then, I make it every time summer begins to dissipate into …

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Currently loving: Autumn Decor Essentials

As I've written many times previously (here, here, and here) autumn is basically my entire personality. October is my favorite month, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Usually I decorate for fall well before most people. Like I'm one of those people who decorates for Christmas November 1, but with fall. Malcolm and I've talked about …

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