How to Start a Car Using a HALO

The video below shows how we jumped it. You can buy them on Amazon for under $100. And you can carry them in your car so you don’t have to rely on jumper cables and the kindness of strangers. I’m planning on taking it on my next road trip, just in case. Winters in Colorado …

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Photo Friday

Last week, Malcolm and I took a road trip to Ouray with his mother. We traveled on the Million Dollar Highway, which with inflation, should be the Trillion Dollar Highway. The aspens burned yellow, ochre, deep red against the surrounding evergreens. I highly recommend a jaunt down the highway in mid-September which is the peak …

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5 Solo Travel Destinations of 2015 Review

In January 2015, I set some goals for solo traveling to San Diego, Utah, Mesa Verde, the Grand Canyon, and Yellow Stone here . I had also booked a trip to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest in February. Most of my travel plans were thwarted because I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Despite my medical dramas, …

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