Recent Internet Finds

It's starting to get warmer in Colorado Springs! Spring is coming, y'all, and I can't wait for the floral patterns, crisp button downs tucked into skirts, and fresh foliage. Pikes Peak still has snow on it through spring which feels like delightful potential for moisture collection as many parts of our state suffer from droughts. …

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Etsy Finds by Black Woman Owned Shops

Since the racial reckoning of last summer, I have been a lot more conscious as to where my dollars go. Now I try to research companies before I buy from them to ensure that I buy from owners from the BIPOC community, especially from Black women. I've found many Black businesses since then. Below is …

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Daily Delights: Interweb Finds

Bought this print but I can't decide if I want it in my house or my office. Probably office so I can look at it 40 hours a week. It's a download, so be prepared to print.I'm thinking about buying this sunshine wood round on Etsy. I almost can't resist.Just purchased this adorable retro inspired …

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