Cheap Tricks: How to Gift Wrap with Thrifted Materials

I have written a few times about saving on gift wrap. This year, I’m challenging myself to wrap my holiday presents using nothing but materials from a thrift store. Tins, cigar boxes, or any vintage container adds a personal touch without having to buy boxes or bags from a big store for full price. There …

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One of My Best Vintage Finds

A few months ago Malcolm and I took a trip to Cortez, Colorado. Besides seeing the sights, I was the most excited about the possibility of thrifting. Thrifting is often at its best (and worst, honestly) in small town America. Treasures from old farm houses often yield an interesting haul, and I was excited to …

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Daily Delight: Thrifting Old Records

Every time I enter a thrift/antique store, I make a beeline to the records section. Most of my record collection is comprised of thrifted records of people/bands I've never heard of at the time of purchase. I learned this practice years ago at one of my favorite vintage stores EVER, Bad Granny's. I spent many …

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