Word of the Week: Captious

I ran across this word in one of the novels I'm currently reading/listening to on Audible. I don't recall having heard it before, so I am thrilled to learn this new-to-me adjective from Meriam-Webster's Word of the Day. Captious, KAP-shuss - adj. Tending to find fault and raise objections; calculated to confuse, entrap, or entangle …

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Word of the Week: Soporific

I came across this word the other day while reading Kindred by Octavia E. Butler (Book Report to come next week on that!). I had to look it up because I had this word confused with "sapphic" which is completely different, hah! Soporific - adjective, sah-poh-RIFF-ikDefinition: Causing sleep. Example: Melatonin has soporific effects that kick …

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Word of the Week: Desultory

DEH-sul-tor-ee, adjective Definition: Lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm. Occurring randomly or occasionally. Conversationally, constantly moving from one subject to another, half-heartedly. Example in my recent writings: Iro did not want to be or be seen as desultory -- she always had to have a plan. What are some ways you will use this word …

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