Word of the Week: Prevaricate

verb / pre-vair-i-kate To deviate from the truth Equivocate (which I definitely thought meant compare?) Ex: Southern people tend to embellish and often prevaricate in order to infuse more romance into the story. My goal is to use this word thrice in conversation this week. I'll report back! xMaegan

Word of the Week: Prosopopoeia

Prosopopoeia - noun - (pronounced pro-sopapilla, like the delicious sweet fried bread) Personification, as of inanimate thingsFrom dictionary.comEtomology: Greek Example: "Lord Byron’s very numerous comparisons, all admirable, and often under the form of a prosopopoeia, are indicative of the warm imagination which clothed inanimate shapes with the breathing realities of life …" -RECOLLECTIONS OF SHELLEY AND …

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50,000 Words Completed: What I’ve Learned

I finally reached 50,000 words in my novel that I began writing many months ago. It's taken me a while for various reasons (imposter syndrome, depression, low to no creativity), but hot damn, here we are! 50k translates to about 165 pages in a novel or manuscript. Do I love every part that I have …

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