Photo Friday/Daily Delight

A few weeks ago, we noticed a different type of plant growing to the right of our front porch steps. I’ve tried cultivating squash several times and tried growing pumpkin two years ago, but they all withered and died while I was in the house recovering from cancer. So when I noticed a wild squash plant growing, I was ecstatic! It felt so magical that something was growing that I tried to plant in the backyard years ago.

And then one of my friends told me it’s actually a pumpkin plant. A PUMPKIN PLANT!!! I figure the squirrels that are constantly eating my pumpkin-patch bought pumpkins each fall must have spread the seeds. Ugh, what is more magical than a wild pumpkin growing two feet from your front door? Gardening and horticulture continues to surprise me season after season, but this is by far the best growing magic I’ve experienced.

One little guy was severed from the vine, so I took it inside, cut it open to see what’s inside, and gave it to the dogs.

What unexpectedly magical thing has happened to you lately?



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